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Interview with James Mattock of Sharks-
Q: Could you please introduce yourself?
A: Hi I’m James.
Q: Sharks has been said to have a large influence from a number of bands in America as well as bands from the U.K. Do you consider your influence to have more to do with one or the other or is it a unique mix of the two?
A: A pretty equal mix, yeah. Along with some other stuff that isn’t necessarily from either country. We have a pretty eclectic taste between the four of us but let’s say for arguments sake, first and wave of British Punk and the American underground/alternative.
Q: You guys are overseas right now is that correct? Can you tell us anything about what you guys are doing across the pond?
A: Not true but I certainly wish we were. We’re at home right now planning our escape. 
Q: The most recent album that is out is called Selfhood. Is there any particular reason why you chose that name?
A: I thought it suited the album best and would clarify that it would be a deeper, more personal effort than our past records. The song of the same name also kicks off the record so it sort of just made sense.
Q: On the topic of the album, it, as well as past albums have a certain style to them. They seem to be a remnant of older Greenday and Rancid. Has this always been the desired sound for Sharks?
A: Not necessarily although I am a fan of both of those bands. We’re not as straight up “Punk” as Rancid and we have always had a stubborn attitude towards labeling our genre. I thought Punk meant freedom but apparently it’s a dress code too.
Q: The compilation album “The Joys of Living” did very well once released. Is there any talk of another compilation in the works?
A: Well, we are planning an e.p this year or a couple of singles. The past two albums came out within a year of each other so it will be nice to break it up a bit. There will be some loose ends that we will tie into another compilation eventually, I’m sure.
Q: Sharks has toured with a number of bands. From the similar sounding band The Gaslight Anthem to the punk band Blink-182. You guys were also a part of the SoundWave festival in Austrailia. Is there any shows or tours that you guys like playing more than others? Were there any bands or members that you have grown close to?
A: We have gotten along great with every band we’ve toured with. The Gaslight Anthem especially since it was such a long tour. Also Gallows are another band we’ve spend a lot of time around. But yeah, I’ve nothing bad to say about any of the bands we’ve played with. Isn’t that nice?
Q: Sharks sound seems not to fit too comfortably into any certain music scene. Is this a good or bad thing?
A: I’m learning to believe that it’s indeed a bad thing. We’re too indie for the P-U-N-X and we’re not cool enough to be indie. We’re striving to play headline shows for Sharks fans, scenes don’t concern us.
Q: When the members of Sharks aren’t playing shows or shooting promos or filming music videos or even touring what do all of you like to do?
A: We tend to keep it pretty tame. But I try and centre everything around the band, I feel like there’s always something I could be doing. Posting merch, writing songs, rehearsing etc… basically trying to justify being unemployed.
Q: If you had to pick a song off of any of your albums, which would you say was the most fun to play? Which had a good reaction at the shows? Are any of them personal to you?
A: No Gods is a fun song to play, it just has a groove to really lock into and jam too. Um… they’re all personal and I like playing most of them. It would be easier to say which song I least enjoy playing, answer: Common Grounds.
Q: Is there anything you would like to add?
A: Morrissey.
Interview by: Joseph Tucker
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Selfhood Track by track with James Mattock


01. Selfhood
"I got the idea for this song while watching Woody Allen’s film ‘Manhattan’. Where Meryl Streep, his ex-wife in the film, writes a book on their relationship called ‘Marriage, Divorce and Selfhood’. That instantly it struck a chord with me and gave me the idea for a song, which…

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James Mattock-Sharks
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Nocturnal Poisoning
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My favorite bands of DSBM
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Cake Boss inspired things to say during sex:


  • We’re gonna dirty ice it
  • EEEeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy
  • This is my brother in law, Joey
  • I don’t think it’s going to fit through the door
  • What a great reaction

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