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»a million times« by humans since 1982

I have given up on sleep. I would love to just talk to somebody. Human interaction. That would be wonderful. Let’s do that. Send me an ask thing, let’s talk about life. 

Cake Boss inspired things to say during sex:


  • We’re gonna dirty ice it
  • EEEeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy
  • This is my brother in law, Joey
  • I don’t think it’s going to fit through the door
  • What a great reaction

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Senses Fail

I really need an actual friend that I can talk to about things. I have one but sometimes I just wish I had maybe two. Things have been not so great and having another friend would help. Who knows. Send me an ask, talk to me, anything.


Sometimes I feel like I’m actually losing my mind. All of my preoccupations seem so far away right now, and everything that isn’t in this immediate room is beginning to scare me. I care way too much about “what if“‘s, and I worry about virtually everything. While I was out today, I almost dropped all of my plans because I was afraid that I left a light on in the house and the lightbulb could short out and cause a fire. It took a lot out of me to not immediately rush home. I’ve had situations like this a lot in the past couple months. It’s gotten to the point where I only see lethal or globally threatening issues in life anymore. Everything else seems so pointless to worry about. Yet, I’m worrying more in the long run this way. Much more. I don’t know how much more of this I can take, but I can’t stop these horrible thoughts so we’ll see I suppose.

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"Know that you’re not alone as far as I can see, because you were everything to me."

I am an emotional mess right now.

Disappointment has become a revolving door.

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